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What is Sitòfono

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Sitòfono: the instant call-back.

Sitòfono allows visitors to your site to call you for free, worldwide, from phone to phone.

Your users click on the Sitòfono button, the system will ring the visitor on his phone (landline or mobile, Italian or international) then calls your company, you speak directly with your customers, from your usual phone.
Sitòfono starts with a click, like any action on the internet, but the call is spread from phone to phone. Sitòfono is therefore a real international toll free number, your customers call you for free on your phone, from 150 nations in the world, is to be landline or mobile.

Sitòfono is a simple link, so you can place Sitòfono in a website, email, offer pages, Facebook pages, Twitter, everywhere.

A click and a phone call to your phone. What better call to action for your marketing campaigns?

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Features and Benefits

What Sitòfono can do

It is a tool that improves the effectiveness of the online channel, reducing the percentage of users who leave your website or quit an e-mail without leaving any trace. It’s more than a toll number, because it’s international, customizable and cheaper.
Sitòfono suits the specific needs of each customer, through customized features, services and costs.
  • Advanced tracking
  • Complete customization
  • Easy integration
  • Reliability and scalability


Discover Sitòfono

Thanks to its flexible architecture and plenty of features, Sitòfono is used successfully in very diverse contexts, from small hotels to large web portals.
Sitòfono is ideal for winning a direct contact with customers, especially when they are willing to purchase or when they need a direct assistance.

Sitòfono is unmatched in offering a direct and simple contact to the visitors when they need it the most, in order to minimize the risk of website abandonment:

  • Online purchase: especially on the shopping basket, to maximize the probability of finalizing the purchase.
  • Information: a free voice contact, to convince hesitant customers who need to be reassured.
  • Comparison: providing a free way to contact you could be important, especially when your competitors are not offering that!
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